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Pharmacy Isolator (New Modular Design) SMI-3050NMD

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Pharmacy Isolator (New Modular Design) SMI-3050NMD



The Pharmacy Isolator system is used for filling of large volume sterile drugs injection, split charging and tamponade of powder-injection and sterile preparation in the pharmaceutical factory. Some inquiry and certification on-site as DQ, IQ, OQ, FAT can be provided according to the user’s requirement.

  • It provides physical barriers that can isolate operators and sterile production environment improve product aseptic guarantee ability and restrict pollution to sterile products from personnel.
  • It adopts a double doors interlock system to practice safe isolated transmission.
  • It can provide positive or negative pressure control in the chamber according to different requirements of the pharmaceutical process.
  • Real time sterilizer or Non-real time sterilizer but assembly on-site can be equipped according to actual requirement.
  • The intelligent microprocessor control system can record process and operation parameters and provide review of preserved experiment and production data. open-type pr close-type cyclic form can be set in the air supply or exhaust system according to actual operation requirements.

Product Details

Model No.:



ISO 5(Class 100)

Filter Efficiency


Air Velocity

≥0.45 m/s

Power Supply

AC220V, 1Φ,50Hz

Overall Dim.(W X D X H)

As per user’s requirement

Product Brochure

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