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Optical Turnstile SMI-OT65



JINDAL is our two-direction, two-winged, independent double mechanism, optic, motor turnstile model. It has been designed for stylish buildings such as plazas. With its stylish and modern appearance, crafted from ASI 304 stainless steel, it can be easily installed using the hidden installation kit within the case. JINDAL provides a truly stylish solution for greeting and organizing visitors, maintaining control, and keeping records.

Standard Equipment and Specification

Power: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz; optional 110 VAC.

Power Consumption: Maximum 25 Watts, Minimum 10 Watts

Power Supply: 220 V, 50/60 Hz switch mode adaptor

Power Rates: Maximum 50 Watts, Minimum 3 Watts

Internal Voltage : 24 V DC maximum.

Operating Temp. : -20° to +55° C (LTT HT down to -40° C with LTT HT heater option)

Operating Directions: Suitable for entry and exit from both directions

Mechanism: The DC motor and microprocessor eccentric operating mechanism, which operates very quietly, have been placed into the case. Information about the wing position can be received easily by the inductive sensors on the mechanism. The extremely quiet new design can be operated for a year without an issue

Emergency : There is an emergency input on the turnstile mainboard; emergency systems such as fire and earthquake can be connected to this input. So in case of emergency, the indicator will light up green, and the turnstile will set itself to allow free passage in both directions

Indicators: The LED indicators, which are placed underneath the smoked glass on the top plate, show information about the ON/OFF status of the turnstile. It indicates free passage with a green arrow when the authorization signal has been received and a red X while waiting when there is no authorization signal

Case: ASI 304 quality stainless steel main columns, mid poles, top cover, and side covers are manufactured from 5 mm black plexi material as standard; it may be changed on demand

Wing Measurements : A 10 mm thick transparent plexi wing with a 325 X 820 mm fly wing shape is offered as standard; it might be changed on demand.

Product Brochure

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