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Isolation Booth SMI-CL-IB-02

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Isolation Booth SMI-CL-IB-02



It is also called a clean bed with vertical laminar flow. It can realize physical isolation, which is especially used for low immunity patients with blood diseases, burning, respiratory disease and radiation and chemo-therapy. The clean bed assembled by AIB is used as germfree equipment in hospitals, which can decrease the incidence rate of patients’ infection.

 Germfree and Partition Space

  • It adopts Clean Air-blow Ceiling
  • Uniform airflow in the isolated area has the higher anti-interference performance and comfort level.
  • Filter efficiency ≥99.99% @ ≥0.3μm.
  • Germfree and partition space is ensured.

Safe and Reliable Support Facilities

  • Strictly designed according to international advanced safety standards for electric equipment.
  • Multiple safety precautions
  • Light and UV light are interlock controlled.

Ultra-quiet Design and Humanizing Combination

  • Flexible Vertical air supply ensures comfort.
  • Low noise with not higher than 46dB while running.
  • Abundant headroom and transparent and healthy curtains make the patient feel comfortable.
  • The transparent and healthy curtain makes it easy to use and change.

High Rate of Costs

  • Standard module, factory scale of manufacturing and quick subassembly.
  • It has a higher rate of cost compared with traditional fabricated clean ward.
AIB-210 / AIB-210A
ISO5(Class 100)
Air Velocity
0.15 m/s
0.25 m/s
0.15 m/s
0.25 m/s
≤50 dB(A)
≤53 dB(A)
≤50 dB(A)
≤53 dB(A)
Power Supply
AC220V, 1Φ, 50Hz
304 Stainless steel
Input Power
200 VA
No. of Colony
≤1 CFU/(Φ90mmx0.5h)
Overall Dimension (LXWXH)
2250x1100x2300 mm (88.6”x43.3”x90.6”)
Work Dimension (LXWXH)
2150x1000x1800 mm (84.6”x39.4”x70.9”)
Light/UV Light
30 w x ①/ 20 w x ①
LED 7 w x ①/ 20 w x ①

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