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Isolation Booth SMI-CL-IB-02

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Isolation Booth SMI-CL-IB-02



It is also known as a clean bed with vertical laminar flow, designed for achieving physical isolation. This is particularly useful for patients with low immunity, blood diseases, burns, respiratory diseases, and those undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. 

 Germfree and Partition Space

  • It adopts a clean Air-blow Ceiling
  • Uniform airflow in the isolated area provide higher anti-interference performance and comfort level
  • Filter efficiency ≥99.99% @ ≥0.3μm.
  • Germfree condition and partitioned space are ensured

Ultra-quiet Design and Humanizing Combination

  • Flexible Vertical air supply ensures comfort
  • Low noise, not exceeding 46dB during operation
  • Abundant headroom along with transparent and health prompting curtains, makes the patient feel comfortable
  • The transparent and healthy curtain makes it easy to use and change.

High Rate of Costs

  • Standard module, large scale factory manufacturing and quick subassembly.
  • It has a higher cost compare to traditional fabricated clean wards

Technical Data


Model No.



ISO5(Class 100)

Air Velocity

0.15 m/s

0.25 m/s


≤50 dB(A)

≤53 dB(A)

Power Supply

AC220V, 1Φ, 50Hz

Input Power


No. Of Colony

≤1 CFU/(Φ90mmx0.5h)

Overall Dimension (L X W X H)

2250 X 1100 X 2300 mm

(88.6” X 43.3” X 90.6”)

Work Dimension (L X W X H) 

2150x1000x1800 mm

(84.6” X 39.4” X 70.9”)

Light/UV Light

30 W X ①/ 20 W X ①

LED 7 W X ①/ 20 W X ①


Product Brochure

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