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Hygiene Turnstile SMI-HT

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Hygiene Turnstile SMI-HT



  • Double Hand Disinfection Compartment , Disinfectant Foot Mat Pool     
  • Bone Shoe Cover Mask and Disposable Apron Box                                       
  • Disinfectant / soap is given to both hands at the same time                           
  • With the disinfection procedures completed, the turnstile permits passage to ensure a safe and sanitized environment
  • Dimensions L75 X W80 X H150 cm
  • Rail Barrier Pipe Diameter Ø38 mm
  • System provides minimum risk of contamination
  • System gives an average of 1000 passes with its 5 liter disinfectant canister
  • It is made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel material

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