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Hygiene Station SMI-4031



Jindal hygiene stations features a large variety of solutions for maintaining sterile atmosphere even when people enter & leave the clean room/work area. They are widely used in clean room, clean room, air shower room entrance, electronics, bio pharmaceutical, food processing, precision instruments, hospital laboratories, research institutes and other personnel exchanges.


  • Excellent cleaning effect
  • Automatic Water Circulation
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to maintain 

Technical Data

  • Multifunctional machine for cleaning shoe soles + washing (combined Edition)Single channel type: 1800 X 860 X 1620 (high) mm
  • Automatic sole cleaning + hand washing sterilization workstation, full function induction design, use of personnel throughout the contact free operation
  • To avoid cross contamination : Induction to the soap wash, induction, induction dry hand disinfection, induction, induction start cleaning the sole
  • Intelligent turnstile, through compulsory disinfection of hands before release through; Clean and disinfect one-stop staff hand cleaning and disinfection & sole solution
  • Material: stainless steel SS304 plate, aluminum profile high elastic import nylon brush, imported branded motor microwave induction switch of water pump with intelligent microprocessor controller

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