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Hand Disinfection Turnstile SMI-HDT01

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Hand Disinfection Turnstile SMI-HDT01



  • An automated turnstile system equipped with a sanitizer/soap dispenser for personnel hygiene control
  • Turnstile access is only permitted when both hands have been placed inside hand openings turnstile 
  • The unit serves as a mandatory hygiene point between production areas and other sections of the factory
  • Hands and shoe soles are automatically sanitized at the entrance to the production area
  • Access to the production area is controlled by a rotating turnstile, which will only release once the operative has completed the sanitization process
  • Sanitizer dosage can be altered to suit its environment
  • The unit is fitted as standard with an anti-panic release button to ensure that personnel can evacuate through the machine in case of an emergency
  • Available as a wall or floor mounted  option
  • Dimensions: L75 X W80 X H150 cm

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