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The pass box is equipment normally installed on the wall between the clean room and any other room. It is used for transfer of material from and into the clean room, without contaminating the air of the clean room and without having to open the room door. This is achieved with the help of interlocking type doors of the pass box.

Principal of Working

It is specially designed equipment where a HEPA filter has been provided & the motor blower unit is automatically put ON at the time of opening any of the doors. It thus acts as a pressure chamber. Only clean air can enter the clean room through the pass box, because clean air through HEPA filter is put ON immediately automatically on opening any door. The clean room air is thus not contaminated by the air of the pass box. The HEPA filter has an efficiency of 99.999% at 0.3um with a clean air speed of 0.36 to 0.54m/sec. 

Fluorescent LED light is provided for visibility of items kept in the pass box & it is ON at the time of opening any of the doors for taking out or putting in the material in the pass box. UV light can be optionally provided which will be put ON only on closing the door, that is UV light will be permanently ON for sterilizing the material kept in the pass box & it will be off at the time of opening the door, so that human eye is not affected by UV light.Buzzer Switches are provided on both doors to signal for material insertion/removal.


The complete body is made of stainless Steel. Each hinged door has a wide glass viewing window, through which material kept in the pass box can be seen. These doors are electrically interlocked, so that any one door can be opened at a time. UV & fluorescent light are standard features.

The instrument is designed to operate on a 220V Single Phase AC supply. 

Size :– 24″(W) X 24″(H) X 24″(D).
Other sizes on request.

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