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Customized Air Shower SMI-4012CAS

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Customized Air Shower SMI-4012CAS



  • High velocity shower jets in excess of 25m/s ensure efficiency to remove particulate matter
  • Specific ultra-thin air shower chamber and blower, rotatable embed stainless steel nozzles highly increasing space utilization and air showering effectiveness
  • With several sets of operational programs and flexible to invoke
  • Micro touch operation panel and intelligent human conversation interface can monitor the air shower running status in real time
  • Standard module designing makes it easier to assemble and maintain at customer sites
  • Customized according to user’s requirement and site condition

Technical Data


Double-Door AS

Auto-Door AS

Shutter-Door AS

Filter Efficiency

≥99.99%, (@≥0.3μm)

Air Velocity

≥25 m/s (4920 fpm)

Showering Time

0 to 99 s (Adjustable)

No. of Nozzle


Power Supply

AC415V, 3φ, 50Hz

Rated Power

1.8+1.5 X (i-1) kw

2.5+1.5 X (i-1) kw

5+1.5 X (i-1) kw


High grade steel with ivory color static powder coating



Overall Dim.(WXDXH)


(W1+400) X (D1+100) X (H1+90) mm

(W1 x 2+15.7)” X (D1+3.9)” X (H1+3.5)” mm

 (W1X2+300) X (D1+400) X (H1+250) mm

(W1X2+11.8)” X (D1+15.7)” X (H1+9.8)” mm

(W1+800) X (D1+400) X (H1+600) mm

(W1+31.5)” X (D1+15.7)” X (H1+19.7)” mm

Dim. of Showering Area

W1 X D1 X H1

Product Brochure

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