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Aseptic Wagon SMI-156AW

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Aseptic Wagon SMI-156AW



JINDAL Aseptic Wagon is pharmaceutical industry dedicated equipment, especially applies to pharmaceutical factory freeze dryer material discharging, as well as the transshipment between different cleanliness areas for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. It helps to minimize the contamination during the transfer.

  •  The body is made of stainless steel SUS304, with compact structure, concise appearance and easy maintenance.
  •  Grade A vertical laminar airflow to protect goods inside the working area, it conform  to the GMP requirements.
  • Sliding door at the back of the workspace is made of safety glass and can be positioned arbitrarily in vertical direction, convenient for goods moving in and out.
  • Imported sterile gloves set in front of the workspace are for operating in isolation.
  • Adopts a touch screen displaying control system, user-friendly interface, easy to operate.
  • Imported air velocity sensor systems can realize the real-time air velocity monitoring, and with alarm function for abnormal air velocity.
  • USA Dwyer differential pressure gauge is equipped to real-time monitor HEPA filters.
  • The air outlet with uniform flow polymer film ensures uniform air supply, which conform to GMP requirements.
  • Air supply system with stepless speed regulating function, adjust the supply air velocity according to actual needs can maintain grade
  • An airflow in the work space.
  •  The workspace is equipped with low energy consumption, high stability electric lifting platform. The stepless lifting can ensure the
  • smooth transfer of the discharging goods from the freeze dryer working platform.
  • Use of UPS combined with battery power supply to achieve uninterrupted goods transferring, reduce the risk of cross contamination, and also realize the automatic conversion between the electric supply and storage.
  •  Use UPS power supply with power display to facilitate the power actual usage monitoring, and timely reminder user for power charging to ensure effective operation.

Technical Data

Filter Efficiency
≥99.99% (@0.3μm)
Air velocity
0.45 m/s ±20%
≤62 dB(A)
Power Supply
AC220V, 1Φ, 50Hz
Rated Power
250 w
Battery Capacity & Qty
38 x ②
Lifting Stroke(mm)
About 330 mm
Work Dimension (WxDxH)
840x600x620 mm (33.0”x 23.6”x24.4”)
Overall Dimension (WxDxH)
1000x680x1750 mm (39.4”x26.8”x68.9”)

Product Brochure

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