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Air Curtain SMI-4012AC

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Air Curtain SMI-4012AC

Air Curtain SMI-4012AC



  • Air Curtain is supporting equipment for a clean room and workshop. It can form a curtain of air flow to prevent insects from entering and remove the dust adhering of the operator and goods into the working area and can be used in the industries of food, pharmacy, cosmetics etc
  • Unbalanced cross high speed air flow on both sides can effectively prevent insects from entering
  • It adopts an adjustable fan that can realize frequency control on both sides
  • It has small floor space and low power consumption
  • The layout can be adjusted by changing the position of the high speed and low speed side according to environmental conditions
  • It can be interlocked with the sliding door
  • It can be specially designed by the environmental conditions

Technical Data



Insect proof Efficiency

Up to 95%

Air Volume

Up to 260 m3/min (9182 cfm)

Air Velocity

High air velocity side: 20 to 24 m/s (3936 to 4723 fpm)

Low air velocity side: 13 to 15 m/s (2558 to 2952 fpm) 

Power Supply

AC415V, 3φ, 50Hz

Rated Power

4.5 kw


High grade steel with ivory color static powder coating

Overall Dim. (WXDXH)

3000 X 850 X 2600 mm (118” X 33.5” X 102.4”)

Dim. of Showering

Area (WXDXH)

2000 X 500 X 2500 mm (78.7” X 19.7” X 98.4”)

Product Brochure

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