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Cantilevered Cadaver Storage Racks SMI-4020

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Cantilevered Cadaver Storage Racks SMI-4020


Jindal body racks are uniquely designed for storage of cadavers in a cold room

The portable mortuary rack is ideal for a variety of cadaver storage applications. It is more compact than conventional cantilever storage units allowing for greater storage capacity without increasing space.

Free standing, mobile racking which can be used in any existing cold room or cold store to increase body storage capacity.

Storage capacity can be expanded by simply adding cadaver storage racks to designated walk-in refrigerated morgues or trailers. The racks are collapsible, requiring a minimal storage footprint when not in use.They can be easily set up by one person in minutes.

The cadaver storage racks can be custom built for caskets as well as cadaver storage trays or designed around the room specifications. The racks can be easily transported in trucks and trailers.


The racks are fabricated out of stainless steel having robust, ergonomic design for convenient handling & space saving storage.

These racks are designed according to the customer’s space availability & capacity requirements.

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Technical Data




Stainless steel 304 


12 bodies 

Over height 

180 cm 

Body tray size 

194 X 58 cm 

Thickness of tray 

1.0 mm

Body tray load weight 

150 Kg


200 X 180 X 180 cm 

Tier Height 

40 cm 



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