Blood Bank Refrigerator SMI-164

Jindal Blood Bank Refrigerators are most versatile unit for Blood Bank specially designed for this purpose. It is available various capacities for storing the blood bags/bottles of capacity up to 450 ml, in an automatically controlled temperature of 4°C to 6°C. Forced air circulation ensures uniform temperature. These refrigerators are designed for the precise requirements of Blood banking & processing applications. These Blood Bank refrigerators meet the stringent standards required in Blood Bank applications. For consistent, reliable protection, storage & preservation of valuable blood products at a safe 4°C, you can depend on our blood bank refrigerators.

Construction: External body of the blood storage refrigerator is made Mild Steel sheet, duly powder coated for long lasting finish. Caster wheels provided for easily mobility. The inner chamber is made of high quality stainless steel, highly polished S.S. trays are provided, for accommodating blood bottles or Blood bags. The door is hinged and easy to open. The door has a glass window for viewing inside the chamber without disturbing the thermal conditions. The door is duly insulated for proper sealing from external environment and is lockable.

The stainless steel chamber is insulated with help of high density CFC free PUF (polyurethane) insulation to prevent the loss of temperature.

Cooling System: Cooling is achieved by highly efficient refrigeration system using hermetically sealed standard make compressor and air cooled condenser. Our efficient design includes the hot line at the mouth of the refrigerator prevents the loss of temperature and also helps in maintaining peak efficiency even at high ambient conditions. Our refrigerators use commercially available CFC-free, HCFC free eco-friendly refrigerants.

Benefits Summary:

  • Stable Temperature Control
  • The unit is fitted with microprocessor based digital temperature controller cum indicator for easy readability. The electronic management system allows setting the temperature as required as per the standard temperature range of the Blood Bank Refrigerator.
  • Microprocessor control ensures the most accurate temperature control available.
  • Multi fan air-flow system ensures excellent temperature uniformity.
  • In built automated defrost under precise microprocessor control.

Temperature Control: The Temperature is maintained inside the chamber with help of a digital microprocessor based temperature controller cum indicator. Jindals has to its credit of providing high quality blood bank equipment where temperature is constantly maintained at 4°C, ± 1°C, with better uniformity and accuracy. An inbuilt audiovisual alarm system is provided with battery backup in case of power failure or temperature variation beyond permitted tolerance or door opening to prevent the spoilage of stored blood bags. The chamber illumination with a switch for visibility of bags kept inside the chamber is also provided.

Exclusive Standards:
  • Customized styles & Design
  • Low maintenance & low running cost
  • Accurate temperature control and holdover capability
  • Uniformity of refrigerated blood & Safe blood storage
  • High efficiency superior refrigeration system

Control Panel: All controls such as digital temperature controller-cum indicator, mains switches, indicating lights, Audio visual alarm, are easily accessible.

Fully automatic microprocessor control: A fully automatic dedicated microprocessor helps in monitoring all the functions of the blood bank refrigerator.

The advanced microprocessor monitors the chamber temperature in real time to prevent the spoilage of blood and to maintain the set value of temperature. The temperature is selectable between   2° C to 8° C with a resolution of 0.1° C. The front soft touch keypads permits control settings and access to default settings. An inbuilt feature for setting the compressor rest time is also provided. The microprocessor also monitors the incoming voltage. If the incoming voltage lies in a particular range, the LED will show OK and the refrigeration unit will function. If the incoming voltage is either Low or High, the LED will show Low or High and the refrigeration unit will be switched off for safety reasons. The bright LEDs display the Set and the Read Values of temperature. Both audio and visual alarms alert if there is any deviation of temperature, voltage, door open, power failure, battery low etc.

Alarms Indication :

Line In




Compressor ON


Heater ON


Temperature High


Temperature Low


Door Open


System OK


Battery Low


Battery ON


Power Failure


Sensor Failure


Chart Change


An inbuilt automatic defrost enhances hassle free operation. The complete temperature control panel is mounted on front for easy readability and operation.

Power supply: The instrument is designed to operate on 220V Single Phase AC Supply (Model with 110V also available).

  • 64 Blood bags
  • 128 Blood bags
  • 160 Blood bags
  • 360 Blood bags
Optional Accessories:
  • Weekly temperature recorder
  • Voltage stabilizer – 3 KVA / 4 KVA
At a Glance:

  • Uniform temperature recovery
  • Forced Air circulation system
  • CFC & noise free compressor
  • Highly precise microprocessor control
  • PUF insulated triple pane glass door
  • Cabinet made of 18SWG galvanized steel duly powder coated
  • Inner chamber made of 22SWG stainless steel SS304 grade
  • 80mm thick polyurethane insulation to ensure better hold over time
  • R134a Eco friendly refrigerant

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