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Autopsy Table (New Modular Design Centralized Column Unit) SMI-235A

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Autopsy Table (New Modular Design Centralized Column Unit) SMI-235A



Jindal new modular design autopsy tables are specially made to meet all the needs of a modern morgue facility for all kinds of post-mortem work.

Ergonomic Construction

The new modular autopsy workstation is mounted on a centralized support column. The entire autopsy table is made of stainless steel, AISI SS316L grade. The complete table is aesthetically designed by using state-of-the-art engineering, heavy-gauge stainless steel, and conveniences. A TIG-welded basin with a surrounding profile border is affixed to the end of the table.

Overall Dimensions: 85”Length X 36”Width X 36”Height

Detailed Images

Salient features of Jindal New Modular design Autopsy table :

  • A TIG welded bath having a drainage facility is located under the perforated grid plates
  • An integrated stainless steel pipe based sprinkler system maintains cleanliness levels on the table
  • The centralized column consists of a service door for easy maintenance
  • Work surfaces are sloped to facilitate drainage into the extra large integral sink
  • All switches are encased in a way to assure easy clean up
  • 3.1 mtr shower hose with sprinkler facility
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment facility

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