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Autopsy Saw With Bone Dust Collector SMI-3030D

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Autopsy Saw With Bone Dust Collector SMI-3030D



Jindal light weight autopsy saw is designed to carry out all the autopsy work. It is provided with a detachable hand piece with proper grip, with provision of bone dust collection during the operation.

High power continuous duty motor having 18,000RPM with 32,000 high speed oscillations per minute.

Built in safety overload device to protect the motor from burnout. Inbuilt noise damper reduces the total noise generation. The imported section blade with arbor & wrench & other accessories is supplied along with the machine. The instrument is supplied with a heavy duty waterproof cord (10fit long) with hospital grade plug.

Dust Collector

HEPA filter based vacuum bone dust collector with required attachments to the autopsy saw hand piece ensures reduced dust & enhances safety. 

It comprises of following accessories:

  • Vacuum Nozzle Adapter
  • Disposable Filter Cartridge to trap dust particles without clogging
  • Smooth bore flexible vacuum hose 
  • Safety overload device to protect the motor 

The combination of autopsy saw & dust collector is designed to operate on 220V Single Phase AC supply.(Models with 110V also available).

Product Brochure

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