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Microprocessor Double Beam Spectrophotometer, 190-1100 nm SMI-AYL-102MDB

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Microprocessor Double Beam Spectrophotometer, 190-1100 nm SMI-AYL-102MDB


Product Description

Microprocessor UV / VIS Spectrophotometer (Double Beam) 2 CELL HOLDER offered comes with wavelength range of 190-1100 nm Czerny Turner with spectral bandwidth of 1 nm and working mode in form of Basic/Quantitative/Wavelength Scan/DNA Protein Test/Kinetics (T,A,C). The system also features double beam (1200 lines/mm Grating) based optical system, scanning speed options of Fast / Medium / Slow, photometric range of -0.3 – 3.5 A, 0 to 220 %T as well as wavelength accuracy of +0.3 nm. Some of the other standard features of the system include wavelength reproducibility of < 0.10 nm as well as available support in form of software CD, USB Cable, operation manual among others.


Minimum Order Quantity
1 Unit
Wavelength Range
190-1100 nm
Model No / Item Code
Wavelength Accuracy
+-0.3 nm
Wavelength Repeatability
+- 0.2 nm
Stray Light
Less than equal to 0.05%T
+- 0.001 A/h.
Photometric Accuracy
+- 0.3% T
Lamp Type
Halogen Lamp, Deuterium Lamp
1200 lines/mm
Baseline Flatness
+- 0. 001a/h
Data Output Port
USB Port
6 inches high light blue LCD
Usage / Application
Industrial and Lab Use
580*510*210 mm
16 kg
Photometric Range
-0.3 - 3.5 A, 0 to 220 %T
Baseline Flatness
+ 0.001 A
Wavelength Reproducibility
0.1 nm
Spectral Bandwidth
1 nm
Optical System
Double Beam
Printer Port
Parallel Port
Scanning Speed
Fast / Medium / Slow

Product Brochure

Product Brochure Link here