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H.P. Sterilizer for Dry Sterilization-Vertical (Triple Walled) SMI -103

High pressure electrically heated vertical steam sterilizer used for sterilizing of surgical instruments, dressing material, linen, rubber, plastic material, injection liquids by means of steam under pressure of 5 to 20 pounds/sq.inch (PSI) which is adjustable.


Triple walled with inner chamber, outer wall, and steam jacket made of thick stainless steel sheet. The lid is made out of Stainless steel plate and closed by wing nuts arrangement. Jacket is insulated by high grade glass wool to minimise the temperature loss. All sterilizers are hydraulically tested up to 2.5 times of working pressure.

The instrument is fitted with pressure switch to control the pressure of the chamber.

The sterilizer is fitted with safety valve, water level indicator, and water inlet and drain valves. The sterilizer is supplied complete with cord and plug.

The instrument is designed to operate on 220V AC Supply (Model with 110V also available).

 Available in following chamber sizes

Dia × Depth Load
300 × 500 mm 3.0 kw
400 × 600 mm 4.0 kw
550 × 750 mm 5.0 kw

 Optional Accessories
  • Automatic Low water Cut off Device
  • Digital temperature indicator cum controller
  • Automatic 0-120 minutes timer
  • Digital temperature indicator
  • Digital pressure indicator cum controller
  • Microprocessor based fully automatic programmable controller

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