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Loop Sterilizer SMI-4011

Jindal loop sterilizer is an electrical sterilization system most suitable for the sterilization of inoculation loops, needles and instruments. It is ideal for laboratories and safety cabinets where the use of gases and open flames is not permitted.

 Robust and temperature-shock resistant

The sterilizing tube, which is made of wear-resistant quartz glass, reaches its optimal temperature of 900C (1650F) after only a few minutes. To sterilize the inoculation loop, simply insert it into the quartz tube. After 5-7 seconds, the inoculation loop is sterilized. Any residue remaining on the smooth surface of the quartz tube can be removed easily.

 Flexible and safe

The low and stable housing facilitates ergonomic operation; the unique design protects the working surface from contamination.

 Technical Data

Chamber Diameter: 14mm
Sterilization Time: 5-8 seconds
Maximum Temp. : 900C
Electrical Supply: 220V/110V Single Phase AC Supply.

At a Glance:
  • Rapid & precise for fast loop annealing
  • Uniform & constant heat for perfect bottle neck sterilization
  • Long lasting sterilizing tube
  • 5-8 seconds sterilization time

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