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Infrared Sterilizer SMI-4010

There is no effective medical care without sterile instruments. Non-sterile instruments spread diseases between patients.

Many developing countries still use non-sterile instruments. Alcohol or boiling water does not kill all viruses and bacteria. Regular autoclaves consume much energy and require distilled water, which both are in short supply in developing countries.

Jindal Infrared Sterilizer is a new product based on infrared sterilization technology.

  • It requires much lesser energy as compared to regular steam sterilizers.
  • It uses no water or chemicals.
  • This sterilizer is maintenance free and easy to operate.
  • The cost of operation is low due to lesser power consumption.

The small size, light weight & its low energy consumption makes it uniquely suited for medical relief operations in the field.

This sterilizer uses the infrared technology to sterilizer medical instruments without corrosion damage to surfaces and sharp edges.

The instrument is portable and is easy to use.

The chamber size is 15"W X 18"L X 12"H.

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