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Scrub Station SMI-3089

Jindal Scrub Station is made of high grade complete stainless steel mat finish to maintain hygienic condition. The instrument is scientifically designed to ensure that no water stagnates in the trough and it maintains the aseptic condition.

The unit is fully automatic with sensor controlled flow of water, with the facility of manual override in case of electricity or sensor failure. The water is stored in an in-built tank also made of Stainless Steel having provision for fast warming which is controlled with the help of thermostat. Flow / quantity of liquid soap / disinfectant are controlled with the help of foot switch.

Any other feature can be incorporated to meet user's requirement.

 Technical Specifications

Electric Supply: The instrument is designed to operate on 220 V AC Supply (Model with 110V also available).
Water Inlet Connection: " BSP
Drain Connection: 2: BSP

 Available in following models
  • One Station
  • Two Station
  • Three Station

 Optional Accessories
  • 1.5 microns pre filteration
  • UV Sterilization of input water
  • Complete atomization
  • Inbuilt elapsed time counter

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