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Glass Beads Sterilizer SMI -239

Jindal Glass bead sterilizer follows a scientific method for total sterilization of your instruments within 5 to 15 seconds. These sterilizers are compact state of the art, steam less non hazardous equipment for your clinic. It is a simple device for quick sterilization of small instruments with effective thermal sterilization. In this the clear glass beads are used in the well. The temperature of the glass beads sterilization is 240C. The instruments are dip in the glass beads for the quick sterilization. Effective thermal insulation keeps the outer cover cool while keeping an even temperature inside the well. The heat loss is very low thus leading to very low power consumption.

Overall Size(Approx.) 115mm X 150mm X 105mm
Power Consumption 100 watt, 220/110V AC Supply
Weight (Approx.) 2 Kg.
Working Temperature 240 C

After switching on the device, in approximately 20 minutes the device will reach the proper temperature. The ready indicator will switch on indicating that the sterilizer is ready for use. The green light will be off and on indicating whether the heater is working or not to maintain the temperature of the glass beads in the well.

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