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Dental Autoclave/Flash Autoclave SMI-108

Future Sterilization Step
Jindal flash autoclaves set the standard for steam sterilization. These autoclaves are designed to compliment any health care and laboratory facility. Our table top high speed autoclave will satisfy all your sterilization needs. Time tested reliability and durability are built into every Jindal product.

The autoclave offers all the proven, dependable features with the added benefit of reducing the total sterilization cycle time by 50%. Speed and reliability are achieved without sacrificing the load size.

 Technical Specifications
  • Automatic Shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles
  • A long life stainless steel chamber
  • Automatic drain of steam at the back
  • Dual safety thermostat to protect against overheating
  • Two shelves for large load size
  • Digital display of Chamber pressure
  • RS-232 port compatible
  • Decreased overall drying time
  • Closed door drying

  •  Chamber Sizes Available
  • 16Ltr
  • 18Ltr
  • 20Ltr
  • 23Ltr

  •  Optional Accessories
  • Thermal paper Printer
  • Automatic Pressure Door Lock
  • Low Water Cut Off Device
  • RS-232 port for interface

  •  At a Glance
  • Table top front loading Autoclave
  • Fully automatic microprocessor control
  • Sterilization chamber made of thick stainless steel sheet tested at high pressure
  • Digital timer for both wet & dry cycle
  • Auto drain of water reservoir tank & also condensation of steam
  • Visual LED to indicate the completion of the total process
  • Temperature select 121C &134C
  • Separate digital displays for temperature & pressure

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