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Evidence Drying Cabinet SMI-3025

These cabinets provide constant drying conditions for evidence while containing any air-borne pathogens, particulates, fumes, and odours.

The Forensic Evidence drying cabinet is a containment cabinet for the drying and storing of forensic evidences. The airflow through the cabinet gives a constant drying medium for items of evidence large or small, and contains any fumes, odours or particulates given off while drying, thus ensuring a safe working environment for personnel.

These are designed to protect the integrity of evidence such as clothing, mobile phones, wallets and bags from particulate contamination and dust. Operators are also protected from noxious odours and other hazards, which may emanate from the evidence held within the cabinet.


The complete cabinet is made of stainless steel. The doors will also be made of stainless steel with transparent lexan vision panels. The interiors of the cabinet are also made of high grade corrosion free stainless steel. It is well designed for its appearance, performance and durability. The smooth working doors are fitted with handle, lock and key. The cabinet will have coat racks and shelves made of stainless steel.

 Features Include
  • Eliminates putrid odours and chemical fumes using carbon filtration
  • Dries various items of evidence in a controlled environment
  • High protection of personnel from airborne hazards and bacterial pathogens thru HEPA filtration
  • Protection of evidence from cross contamination
  • Front mounted pressure manometer indicates the air pressure
  • Simple to install
  • Easily cleaned to prevent cross contamination
  • Lockable doors for security
  • Simple control panel
  • Quite operation/running mode
 Filters and Filtration

The cabinet will have an updraft inlet with pre-filters and HEPA filters. The high efficiency centrifugal blowers help in maintaining bacteria free environment inside the cabinet.

The cabinet will have a drain for removing water after washing with a hand operated valve.

 Electrical Supply

The cabinet is designed to operate on 220V AC Supply (Model with 110V also available).

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