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Embalming Workstation SMI-4029

Jindal embalming workstation is a new modular design workstation complete with all features required at the time of embalming.

The workstation features a complete stainless steel construction for both the embalming trolley & embalming machine. An inbuilt rail at the lower portion of the workstation is used to mount or remove the embalming machine. This ensures complete system transportation along with easy operation of the embalming machine. A manual ratchet system made of stainless steel is also provided for trendelenburg position. Complete stainless steel trolley is mounted on heavy duty castors for easy movability. The frame size is approx. 75" Length X 28" Width. There are four provisions at all the four corners of the trolley for mounting of IV Rod. The embalming workstation is supplied with 1 IV rod.

The embalming workstation is supplied with the embalming machine. The embalming machine can be dismounted & used separately.

The embalming machine consists of a complete stainless steel housing that covers a stainless steel tank of 10Ltrs. capacity meant for storing and injecting the solution. The castors fitted at bottom enables easy movement. The plastic side grips ensure easy lifting.

The latest embalming machine technology consists of a sealed pump which is connected to the stainless steel tank with an inbuilt non return Valve (NRV) so as to prevent the back flow.

A tubing having provision for injection with the help of injection nozzle is also connected to the tank.

The instrument is designed to operate on 220V AC Supply (Model with 110V also available).

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