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Dissection Table with Dip Tank SMI-4026

Jindal dissection tables with dip tank are uniquely designed for the safe, prolonged storage & dissection of the cadaver.

The complete table including tank shall be fabricated out of high grade Stainless Steel for durability & longer life. The complete table including dip tank is leaf proof & is argon (TIG) welded for efficient support & torsion resistance.

The cadaver is dipped in a solution such as formalin so as to maintain its natural condition.

This tank is uniquely designed for the storage purposes. The tray moves down & gets completely submerged in the tank. It is operated by an exclusively designed handle mechanism to put the tray down effortlessly. When the tray is in the extreme top position, the position can be locked for easy dissection.

These tables are exclusively designed for their use in medical colleges for teaching purposes.

The table is mounted on castor wheels with brakes for easy manuverability.

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