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Hollowware Products

Jindal offer high quality drum, tray, basin, formalin chamber and bed pan crafted in heavy gauge stainless steel. The unique design and smooth corners facilitates easy cleaning or sterilization. These products provide great convenience for multiple uses. Our range of Drum, Tray, Basin, Formalin Chamber and Bed Pan can be availed in different specifications as per the requirement of the customers.

Seamless Dressing Drum (S. S.)

Code : SMI(HOSP) -569A

Description : Jindal Top quality sturdy drum crafted from heavy gauge stainless steel sheet. The drum and lid are drawn in a press without any joints. Locking is done by turning lid into the grooves. These drums are suitable for sterilization in autoclaves.

A 6" x 4"
B 6" x 6"
C 9" x 5"
D 9" x 9"
E 11" x 5"
F 11" x 9"
G 14" x 9"
H 15" x 12"

Basin (S. S.)

Code : SMI(HOSP) - 569B

Description : Sturdy basin with smooth and round corners. Designed for use in hospitals, our basin have stainless steel body with smooth finishing. The complete range basins can be availed in different sizes based on the requirement of the clients.

A 6"
B 8"
C 10"
D 12"
E 14"
F 16"

Kidney Tray (S. S.)

Code : SMI(HOSP) - 569C

Description : Specifically developed for hospitals, jindal kidney tray provides convenience for use, easy disposal and water resistant properties. The stainless steel kidney tray can be easily sterilized just before the use.

A 6"
B 8"
C 10"
D 12"

Instrument Tray (S. S.)

Code : SMI(HOSP) - 569D

Description : Manufactured as per international standards, our instrument trays are available with lid covers. Used for carrying medical aids and medicines, our instrument trays have coved corners for easy sterilization.

A 8" x 6"
B 9" x 6"
C 10" x 8"
D 11" x 7"
E 12" x 8"
F 12" x 10"
G 15" x 12"
H 18" x 12"

Catheter Tray (S. S.)

Code : SMI(HOSP) - 569E

Description : Jindal range of compact tray features all components for urethral catheterization. These trays are available in different sizes based on the requirement of the clients.

Sizes : A. 8 x 3, B. 16 x 4."

Enema Cane S.S.

Code : SMI(HOSP) - 569F

Description : Stainless steel enema canes with long handles that provide excellent grip. Resistant to corrosion, these canes are have a sturdy construction with smooth corners and rounded edges.

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