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Tissue Embedding Centre SMI-3020

The Jindal Tissue embedding centre is designed fit your needs. It keeps up the excellence in a unique manner: compact size, user friendly operation and commendable comfort and safety standards set apart this tissue embedding station as much as the contented level of the working surface and the ergonomic design.

Substantial workspace with temperature controlled hand rests to provide safeguard against burn injuries greatest freedom of movement to the user.

Each high capacity module is designed with temperature controls that can be adjusted, monitored and switched on and off independently. The extra large work area of the Tissue Embedding system helps reduce the constant shuffling of blocks between work areas in the lab. The modular design and identical working surface heights allow you to combine units in any configuration to create the perfect all-in-one work station to meet your laboratory needs. The controls and digital displays are clear and easy to operate.

 Individually Heated Paraffin dispensing System

The paraffin dispensing system with incorporated filter ensures continuous, reproducible flow. Paraffin dispensing can be set in motion manually, via foot switch or paraffin mould handle.

 High Volume Paraffin collecting Tray

Excess paraffin from the separately heated work surface drips straight forwardly into the extra-deep paraffin collecting tray.

 Ergonomically designed: Mould Warmer and cassette bath

The mould warming compartment can be opened widely for easy access and can be heated up to 70C. The removable easy to clean cassette bath can hold more than 100 cassettes.

 Fully Automatic Microprocessor Control

A fully automatic dedicated microprocessor helps in monitoring all the functions of the Tissue Embedding Workstation.

The advanced microprocessor monitors the temperature of Mould warmer, cassette bath, Working surface, paraffin reservoir, forceps heater and cold plate in real time to maintain the desired temperature.

Easy to read bright LCD shows the essential usage and actual values of temperature.

The microprocessor is programmable in addition for the Work day, work starting time, real time and day of the week. This enables the operator to program the machine so that he/she can get the machine ready when they reach the lab at a certain time i.e. Automatic starting time are individually programmable by just pressing a button.

The front soft touch keypads permits control settings and access to default settings. All instrument functions including the temperature of paraffin reservoir, cassette bath working surface, and mould warmer are individually programmable by a press of a button.

 Standard Features
  • Bench top unit with well-built frame structure
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 Ltrs. Paraffin container, temp. setting range 45C to 70C
  • Microprocessor controlled for dependability and performance.
  • Double module design.
  • Low and flat work-surface which facilitates operator efficiency.
  • User friendly membrane switches.
  • 3-liter capacity paraffin reservoir which minimizes refilling frequency.
  • Heated forceps warmer and illuminated paraffin dispenser enhance user friendliness.
  • Generous illumination.
  • Two Module system
  • Cold Plate for at least 60 blocks
  • The cold plate offers compressor cooled working surface with removable stainless steel drainage tray beneath.
  • Tactile membrane touch-pad for easy temperature setting and monitoring.

Paraffin Reservoir : 3 Ltrs.
Cassette Bath Capacity : 100 cassettes
Cassette Tray : 8 Cassettes

 Temperature Range of Functional Units
Paraffin Reservoir : 45C to 70C
Mould Warmer : 35C to 70C
Cassette Bath : 45C to 70C
Working Surface : 45C to 70C
Cold Plate : -10C

 Power Supply

The instrument is able to work on 220V AC Supply (Model with 110V also available).

At a Glance:
  • Compact, ergonomic overall design
  • Space saving bench top unit microprocessor controlled
  • 3 Ltr. Paraffin reservoir
  • Removable cassette bath
  • Large cold plate and cassette bath
  • Fully programmable time and temperature
  • Ability to turn on automatically
  • Brightly lit orientation space for block preparation
  • Superior design & construction
  • Wax flow control system
  • Flexible gooseneck magnifying glass with integrated light

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