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Slide Staining Machine (New Modular Design) SMI-4024

Jindal New Modular design Slide Staining machine is an automatic dyeing machine used for human or animal and plant tissues. This model greatly enhances the histological and pathological histology specimens stained technology and automation level. The International Integrated design, Simple structure, reliable operation, processing precision, not only improving the staining effect but also makes the operation easy.

Multiple staining procedures with their names & various parameters can be pre -stored and are thereafter accessible by the click of a button. The stainer is quick and simple to operate and takes up little space. With a size of 38x28 cm (15"x11") it is one of the smallest device of its kind. Ideal for staining technique requiring no more than four reagents, that is: weight, may-grunwald-giemsa, malaria, field and reticulocyte stain. The package includes slide holders for 76 x22 standard slides. There are two racks for 8 or 16 slides respectively. The complete holder may be detached for loading the slides outside the stainer. The stainer comes with a drip tray easily detachable for cleaning. It holds a set of four troughs with capacities for 8 or 16 slides. The process runs automatically at the click of a program button, but may be interrupted or modified by the user at any time. The microprocessor also controls the automatic program flow. One back-lit bright LCD display indicates the status of both the device and the program. The slide carrier is easily detached for loading outside the stainer.

The instrument is designed to operate on 220V Single Phase AC Supply (Model with 110V also available).

 Models Available:
  • 4 station( Eight Slide Holder)
  • 4 Station( Sixteen Slide Holder)
  • 12 Station
  • 23 Station
  • 40 station

  • Any other model as per customer's requirement can also be manufactured on request.

     Optional Features:

    Touch screen microprocessor based control

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