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Manual Microtome (New Modular Design) SMI-325M

Stability of manual microtome is vital and Jindal new modular design manual microtome successfully meets the workload requirements of demanding laboratories. The superior precision of new accessories adds up expediency to block to knife approach as well as specimen point of reference.

Microtome is the instrument of choice for clinical histology and histopathology applications.

These are used to produce thin sections of specimens of different hardness in both routine and research applications in biology, medicine and industry.

Manual sectioning in the high Precision manual microtome provides efficient operation with utmost section reproducibility. We are leading manufacturer of manual microtome.

Manual Microtome

 Well Located Storage Area

An incorporated storage tray makes sure that certain subsidiary tools are in hand at all times.

 Safety during Sectioning:

Protection is assured by incorporated black finger protection guard of the knife holder that exceptionally safeguards the blade edge. When used correctly the integrated finger protection guard rules out potential injuries because it can even remain on the blade edge during sectioning.

 Trouble Free Operation:

Ergonomics and user comfort are key concern for the placement of coarse feed wheel, which is located close to the operator. The mechanical trimming function, conveniently positioned next to coarse feed wheel, purge the need to turn coarse feed during trimming.

 Spacious Section Waste Tray:

The spacious section waste tray consistently gathers sectioning wreckage.

 Knife Holder Adjustment:

The complete width of the knife can be used by using straight forward blade fastening mechanism. Using the entire knife edge is cost effective, particularly in laboratories with high specimen throughput.

Product Specifications:
  • Range of section thickness : 0.5 - 60 Ám from 0.5 Ám - 2 Ám in 0.5 Ám increment
    from 2 Ám - 10Ám in 1 Ám increment
    from 10 Ám - 20Ám in 2 Ám increment
    from 20 Ám - 60Ám in 5 Ám increment
  • Section Thickness Indication: Accurately Calibrated Viewing window
  • Trimming Setting : 1Ám to 60Ám
  • Specimen Orientation: Horizontal : 8°, Vertical 8°
  • Horizontal Stroke : 50mm
  • Vertical Stroke : 60mm
  • Maximum Specimen Size : (LXHXW): 50mmX60mmX40mm

At a Glance:
  • Compact, Ergonomic Overall Design
  • Low maintenance linear roller slides
  • User safety incorporated into overall design
  • Reduces hand stress via smooth-running hand wheel
  • Precise guide way and clamping device for knife holder with optimum sliding capability
  • Elevating, Levelling movements of knife and lateral movements for the sturdy Knife Holder to use complete knife edge
  • Balanced hand wheel for smooth rotation with locks
  • A heavy and rigid base to render a shake proof operation
  • Convenient multipurpose specimen holder
  • Easy to use universal Microtome Knife & Disposable Blade

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