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Automatic Tissue Processor (Carousel Type) SMI-321

Automatic Tissue Processor is a compact and sturdy instrument designed with latest technology for complete automatic dehydration and filtration of human, animal and plant's tissues, up to final fixing in wax.

The precious tissues are subjected to continuous agitation by rotating stainless steel tissue basket for thorough penetration of reagents. We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of Carousel type Automatic Tissue Processor.

Automatic Tissue Processor

 Technical Data

The highly efficient tissue processing system is linked to a microprocessor controller with a sophisticated PID algorithm.
The password protect menu driven through microprocessor has a programmable 12 stage timing sequence which can be programmed from 1 minute to 99hours in steps of 1 minute. The tissue processing menu also enables the programming of delayed start up to 99 hours sequenced with the main control for the tissue processing.
Feather touch keyboard enables easy programming of various parameters.
The data is retained in case of power failure.
A bright easy to read big Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with all the parameters at display including set & process values in real time adds to the aesthetic appeal & makes it a user friendly tissue processor.

 Wax Bath Safety Control

Specially designed automatic wax bath has precise and accurate PID controller with PT100 temperature sensor. The microprocessor based PID controller maintains and confirms the temperature between 50C to 65 C. The main unit proceeds to next stage from 9th onward only after the set temperature is attained, with safety systems functioning at 10th, 11th and 12th stages.
Prior to wax immersion, the control signals the machine on the status of wax temperature. If the wax is melted, the machine automatically proceeds from stage 9 to 10 and so on. If the wax is not melted, the tissue processor basket shall not move to the next station.
The tissue basket is immersed / rotated in the wax bath only after the set value of temperature has been achieved thus providing 100% safety of precious tissue and time.

 Basket Rotor

Slowly rotating two stainless steel basket rotors are operated through the microprocessor.

The complete unit of automatic tissue processor consists of 10 Nos. reagent containers, 2 Nos. stainless steel Wax Baths & 2 Nos. stainless steel basket rotors.


  • 1Ltr.
  • 2 Ltrs.

The instrument is designed to operate on 220V single Phase 50 Hz AC Supply. (Model with 110V also available)

 Optional Accessories/Features
  • Bright Touch Screen control for the complete tissue processor
  • Fume control system
  • Vacuum control system
  • Mobile phone alert facility linked to the microprocessor

At a Glance:
  • Compact ergonomic model
  • Silent and smooth motor and gear operation
  • Standard over temperature cut off safety feature
  • High performance microprocessor control, monitoring & alarm functions
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Password protection for safety
  • In built real time clock
  • Suitably designed tissue basket for Stainless Steel tissue containers or plastic cassettes
  • Bright easy to read LCD having menu driven through microprocessor with user friendly software

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