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Vortex Shaker(Microprocessor Controlled) SMI - 187A

Vortex Shaker(Microprocessor Controlled) SMI-187 is used for vibration blend and stirring of sample tissue, Cell, bacteria liquid and chemical reagent in life science and physical and chemical analaysis field. Multiple tubes are suitable for 0.2'50ml microtube and tubes or small container with its daimeter is within 108mm.

Features :

1. Mini and Compact appearance, powerful function sucker type under -chassis, super shockproof, ideal for high speed operation.

2. Multiple mixer modes, touch-operation continuous operation and timing set.

3. Wide Speed range:0-3000rp m / min. Stable low spped, powerful high speed.

4. Shaking block convenient for replacment, Stable and reliable, sturdy durable eccentric bearing designed.

5. Various tube holderare for optional (Suitable for Eppendorf Tubes) .

Parameters :

Model SMI-187A
Operation key + digital display
Shaking Orbit 3 mm
Shaking Mode circle
Operation Mode Continuous running or short mix
Speed Range 300 ' 3000 rpm
Time Range 1s ' 999 min
Voltage AC 220V / AC110 V
Power 30 W
Suitable Optional Accessories all
Fuse 250V, 1A
Dimension 132x156x150m m
Net Weight 2.2kgs


Optional Accessories :

Cat# Description  
VM-A Standard head Suit for tubes and container with dia <30 mm
VM-P Standard platform to hold foam tube holder
VM-B Convex pad. Suit for tubes and container with dia. <99 mm
VM-C Foam tube holder. For 0.2ml tubes, dia 5 mm x 70 holes.
VM-D Foam tube holder. For 0.5ml tubes, dia 6.6 mm x 36 holes.
VM-E Foam tube holder. For 1.5/0.2 ml tubes, dia 9.8 mm x 20 holes.
VM-F Foam tube holder. For 15ml tubes, dia 14 mm x 8 holes.
VM-G Foam tube holder. For 50ml tubes, dia 26.2 mm x 4 holes.
VM-H Tube holder platform. For 1.5/2.0 ml tubes x 22
VM-I Tube holder platform. For 15 ml tubes x 4
VM-J Tube holder platform. For 50 ml tubes x 2
VM-K Tube holder platform. For all standard plates
Remarks : 384- well pcr plates, microplates, deep well plates can be
directly put into the stand without stand support
A 96x0.2 ml tube stand. Applied to 0.2 ml PCR tubes,
PCR strips and 96-welPCR plate(semi-skirted and unskirted)
B 24x0.5 ml Tube Stand
C 24x1.5/2.0 ml Tube Stand

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