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Shaking Machine /Bottle Shaker (RECIPROCATING KAHN'S TYPE) SMI -191

The machine can accommodate Kahn Racks, bottles or flasks of different sizes by adjusting the compartments with the help of rods supplied with the machine. Fitted with motor and having mechanical arrangements for adjusting the motion.

Number of oscillation 280 5 per minute. Supplied complete with top platform rods, ON/OFF switch, plug and cord, to work on 220 Volts, 1 Ph, 50 Hz AC supply.

 Available Sizes and models

  Carrier Size Strokes per minute Motor H.P. Type
1. 20”X13”X14”       275 0.25 Open Body
2. 20”X13”X14”       275 0.25 Covered Body

 Variable Speed Control (150-250 RPM)

  Carrier Size Motor H.P. Type
1. 20”X13”X14”       0.25 Open Body
2. 20”X13”X14”       0.25 Covered Body
3. 31”X17”X3” 0.25 Covered Body
4. 36”X18”X4” 0.50 Covered Body

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