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Serological Water Bath Rectangular SMI -143

Jindal Serological Water baths are versatile enough to handle any clinical procedure, incubation, inactivation, agglutination, as well as most serological, pharmaceutical, biomedical procedures.


Our Serological Water Baths are sturdy with double walled construction. The complete inner chamber is made of highly polished stainless steel & the outer body is made of mild steel duly powder coated. The inner chamber is insulated from the outer atmosphere with special grade glass wool insulation. The Water Bath is provided with a drain plug to facilitate easy emptying and cleaning of the inner chamber whenever necessary. Pyramidal shaped cover and perforated removable diffuser are standard accessories.

 Heating Elements

Immersion heating elements made of high grade materials are fitted at bottom with different ratings for different sizes.

 Temperature Control

Temperature is generally controlled by capillary type THERMOSTAT from ambient to 95C 1C. Temperature control knob is graduated in centigrade degrees.

 Control Panel

The equipment is provided with a panel having a thermostat control knob, ON/OFF switch, two pilot lamps, cord and plug.

 Power Requirement

The water bath is designed to operate on 220V Single Phase AC Supply (Model with 110V supply is also available).

 Size of inner chamber

W     X     H     X        D                       
300   ×   250   ×   175 mm         for 2 racks    
325   ×   300   ×   175 mm         for 4 racks    
450   ×   300   ×   175 mm         for 6 racks    
600   ×   300   ×   175 mm         for 8 racks    

 Optional Accessories
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller cum indicator
  • Stirrer with 1/20 HP motor with Stainless steel rod & blade provided with speed regulator or water circulation by a pump

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