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Seed Germinator (Dual Chamber) SMI-138

Jindal Seed Germinator is designed for conducting various experiments on variety of seeds under different parameters of temperature, humidity etc. Atmospheric environment can thus easily be simulated within the laboratory to perform different experiments without going into the field, by creating desired conditions of temperature & humidity in the chamber of seed germinator.

It is of double walled construction. Inner chambers are made of Stainless Steel & outer cabinet is made of Mild Steel sheet duly powder coated. High density Insulation is provided between inner chamber & outer body to minimise heat loss.

Both the chambers have temperature range from 5C to 50C 1C which are controlled by two individual digital temperature indicators cum controllers.

The temperature below ambient is achieved by highly efficient air cooled refrigeration system with complete accessories fitted at the bottom of the instrument.
The door is also provided with a viewing glass window to view the germination of seeds inside the chamber without disturbing the parameters inside the chamber. Forced air circulation ensures uniform temperature inside the chamber. The heating is done by finned heaters to maximize heat exchange process and to achieve the set temperature in a short time interval.
Humidity is achieved by a highly efficient ultrasonic humidifier. This humidification system ensures minimal variation in temperature while the humidity is being generated. S.S. Water reservoir at the bottom enables to generate the humidity from 60-95% controlled by humidistat.
The control panel consists of a digital temperature indicator cum controller, humidistat, indicators & On/Off switch. The seed germinator is supplied complete with SS perforated trays.
The instrument is designed to operate on 220V single Phase AC Supply.

 Each chamber size shall be

555 X 910 X 605mm

Other sizes as per customer's requirement can also be manufactured.

 Optional features
  • Fully Automatic Microprocessor control
  • Internal log memory to store the error states history for temperature and humidity with time and date.
  • Remote machine monitoring and its operation through cell phone.
  • In built serial Thermal printer (Both Text and graph mode).
  • Low/High Voltage detection & safety cut off feature.
  • Memory card log with 500MB memory.
  • Temperature profile control consisting of 40 or more ramps.
  • Touch screen control

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