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Laboratory Electric Oven (Temp. range up to 250°C) SMI 120


Jindal Ovens are sturdy, with double walled construction. Inner chamber made of ALUMINIUM or STAINLESS STEEL sheet. Outer chamber is made of mild steel sheet duly powder coated. The gap between the walls is filled up with special grade glass wool for proper insulation to avoid heat losses. Inner chamber has ribs for placing the shelves at convenient levels. Supplied with 2 or 3 removable shelves. The oven door is mounted on heavy hinges with a handle. Door is duly insulated.


Heating elements are made of high quality nichrome wire which are put inside beads and placed at the bottom and in both the side ribs for uniform temperature all over the work space. Other type of heaters like Jacket heater, Rod Heater, Sheet heaters are also available for specific requirements.

 Temperature Control

The temperature range of the hot air oven shall be from 50°C to 250°C controlled by a Digital PID controller along with air circulation system for best accuracy.

 Forced Air Circulation

In this system there is one path of circulating hot air in between the inner chamber and the insulation with the help of an air duct. Forced air moved by the motorized blower is called the PERFECT SYSTEM. It results in minimum temperature variation at any point in the working space.


Air Ventilators are placed near the top of the both sides to remove hot gases and fumes if any.

 Control Panel

Comprising of switch to ON/OFF the power, rotary switch to select high or low rates of heating, Digital PID controller and indicators for mains and heating. Supplied with cord and plug. Designed to operate on 220 volts, Single Phase, 50 Hz, AC supply. (Please specify for any customization)

Size of inner chamber:  
 W   ×   H   ×   D    No. of Shelves
300 × 300 × 300 mm(12”X12”X12”)   2
350 × 350 × 350 mm (14”X14”X14”) 2
450 × 450 × 450 mm (18”X18”X18”) 2
450 × 600 × 450 mm (18”X24”X18”) 3
600 × 600 × 600 mm (24”X24”X24”) 3
600 × 900 × 450 mm ( 24”X36”X18”) 3
600 × 900 × 600 mm (24”X36”X24”) 3

 Optional Accessories
  • Timer

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