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Hybridization Incubator SMI-129

Jindal Hybridization incubators are designed to fulfill the requirements of day-to-day laboratory work. The durable high precision rotating convection oven is used for blot hybridization & other applications.


The inner chamber is made of heavy gauge Stainless steel sheet & the outer body is made of Mild steel sheet duly powder coated. The chamber is insulated from outer body with glass wool insulation to prevent thermal losses. The double pane glass door is duly insulated to prevent loss of temperature. The door consists of a mechanical door latch for locking purposes.

 Temperature & Speed Control:

The chamber consists of a motor blower assembly to maintain uniform temperature distribution throughout the chamber. A digital microprocessor based PID temperature indicator cum controller controls the temperature with a temperature range of Ambient +50C to 1000C.

A speed regulator linked to DC motor controls the speed from 2 to 20 RPM. The digital speed indicator indicates the actual speed.

The instrument is designed to operate on 220V 50Hz Single Phase AC Supply.

  • Standard Tube Rotator (Different sizes)
  • Rocking Platform

 At a Glance
  • Temperature controlled to 0.5C with no hot/cold spots
  • Adjustable rotation up to 20RPM with digital display
  • Heating up to 100C enhances the use of incubator for various applications
  • Simple, easy & user friendly to operate

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