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Egg Incubator SMI-126

Jindal Egg Incubator is elegantly designed, fabricated and tested to suit various applications in ever growing field of Agriculture Colleges/Universities, small and big potters, Hotels etc. for easy and convenient handling and hatching operation in research work.
Temperature range is from ambient +5C to 70C 1C controlled by thermostat.

Jindal egg incubators are the most versatile and highly reliable for egg incubation.

Outer body is made of MS sheet, duly powder coated. It is highly insulated. The inner chamber is made of aluminium or Stainless steel sheet. Door is with double glass viewing windows to facilitate easy inspection of interior

 Control Panel

The control panel consists of a thermostat control knob, pilot light, main ON/OFF switch etc.

 Power Supply

The incubator is designed to operate on 220V Single Phase AC Supply.

  • 50 Eggs
  • 100 Eggs
  • 200 Eggs
  • 250 Eggs
  • 400 Eggs
  • 1000 Eggs
  • 2000 Eggs
  • 5000 Eggs
  • 10,000 Eggs
  • 20,000 Eggs

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