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CO2 Incubator - Carbon Dioxide Incubator SMI-132

JINDAL CO2 Incubator provides perfectly stabilized and sterilized environment for Cell Culture and study of temperature / Co2 on human tissues. The incubator incorporates SS 304 Construction and Copper enriched stainless steel alloy interior surfaces to eliminate contamination sources, mitigate the effects of airborne contaminants introduced through normal use and provides high degree of Germicidal Protection. Laboratories and medical professionals, world over, rely on our Co2 Incubators. And, therefore, we are considered top CO2 incubator manufacturer and Co2 incubator suppliers.

Jindal's CO2 Incubator uses Direct Heat / Air Jacketed Heating System which surrounds the inner chamber walls combined with natural convection airflow that radiate wall heat through thermal conduction. This technique achieves accurate, uniform and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber.

The Dual Beam Infrared Co2 system is linked to microprocessor controller with a sophisticated PID algorithm. This ensures Ultra-Fast recovery without overshoot and accurate CO2 averages even with frequent access with multiple door openings.

All instruments functions including the temperature, Co2 % and Humidity % of the incubator are programmable with a facility for a selectable alarm for each parameter. The easy to read 4 lines Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with all set and process temperature, CO2 % and Humidity % and visual alarm for each parameter provides stabilized and accurate controls.

Co2 Incubator

 Optional Ultra Protection Systems

The Jindal CO2 incubator (Carbon Dioxide Incubator) also comes with a programmable Ultraviolet Lamp, isolated from cell cultures, that sterilizes conditioned air and humidity water reservoir to avoid contamination without disturbing cell cultures in vitro.

Rapid Response "Class 100 product" affects the Yields and Reliability by airborne contamination costing valuable time and money. Class 100 HEPA Filter Flow System air quality provides an ideal culturing environment.

At a Glance:
  • Compact, Ergonomic model
  • Direct Heat / Air Jacketed Temperature Control
  • SS enriched Contamination resistant interiors
  • UV protection for Contamination control
  • Precise P.I.D. Enhanced Co2 recovery
  • High performance Control, Monitoring and Alarm Functions
  • Dual beam Infra Red Co2 sensor
  • Menu driven through microprocessor
  • User freindly software
  • Password Protection for safety
  • User selectable single/profile control mode
  • In built Real Time Clock
  • Date Retentive Timer for both UV and process


Std. Shelves: 3 Nos. [Maximum 16 Nos.] Removable inner chamber plenum, shelves and rails

 Utility Connections

Gas Connections: 1/4" [6.3 mm] tubing connections

 Gas Input Pressure

Two stage gas regulator required
Performance Specifications

Temperature Range:
5C above ambient up to 55C

Temperature Uniformity:
0.5C at 37C

Temperature Accuracy:

CO2 Range:
O to 20%

C02 Resolution:

Temperature Recovery:

Electrical Requirements:
220 V AC, 50 Hz.
Single phase (Model with 110V also available)
Startup Power: 130Watts.

Running power at 37C:
75 Watts
Standard Features
Infra Red CO2 gas sensor
Microcomputer-based control
Full size 17" x 12" water pan
3 polished SS shelves
Remote alarm contacts
Precision Integrated Circuit
Temperature sensor
Replaceable fan wheel
Tempered inner glass door
Eight-foot [2.5 m] power cord
Spool type gas solenoid valve
CRL cross-links high density
Chamber wall insulation
All silicon tubing

 Optional Accessories
. Automatic Internal Tank Switch
. RS-232 Communication Output
. Additional Shelves
. External CO2 Tank Alarm
. External Tank Switch
. Surge Protector
. 3 Inner Lexan Doors
. Replaceable HEPA filter
. Hot air sterilization
. UPS system
. Heavy duty leg levellers
. Touch screen control
. Mobile phone alert system

Chamber Capacity Available:
. 100Ltrs.
. 200Ltrs.
. 300Ltrs.
. 450Ltrs.
Other chamber capacities can also be designed as per customer's requirement

We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of Co2 Incubator. Jindal Co2 Incubators are used with with confidence in laboratories and hospitals world over.

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