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CO2 Incubator With O2 Control SMI-1320

JINDAL CO2 Incubator provides perfectly stabilized and sterilized environment for Cell Culture and study of temperature / CO2 on human tissues. The incubator incorporates SS 304 Construction interior surfaces with rounded corners to eliminate contamination sources, mitigate the effects of airborne contaminants introduced through normal use and provides high degree of Germicidal protection. Four stainless steel height adjustable & removable shelves are provided with removable humidity reservoir to provide humidity up to 95%RH. The chamber consists of a 25mm access port for calibration & other uses. The outside body is made of Steel sheet duly powder coated for rust free performance. The complete incubator is mounted on castors for easy movement. The CO2 incubator has a double door design. The front door is duly insulated fitted with heavy hinges with mechanical latch & key. The inner glass door has separate airtight doors to prevent condensation. The inner glass door consists of mechanical latch to provide perfect seal against the silicone gasket. The user can view the specimens inside without disturbing the vital conditions. Independent door heater prevents condensation. Jindal's CO2 Incubator uses six sided Direct Heat steam jacket fan-less gentle convection Heating System which surrounds the inner chamber walls. This technique achieves accurate, uniform and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber with no overshoot. This eliminates vibration & reduces sample evaporation.

Co2 Incubator With O2 Control

The Dual Beam Infrared CO2 sensor with auto zero function is linked to microprocessor controller with a sophisticated PID algorithm. This ensures Ultra-Fast recovery without overshoot and accurate CO2 averages even with frequent access with multiple door openings.

All instruments functions including the temperature, CO2%,O2%, Humidity % & timer of the incubator are programmable with a facility for a selectable alarm for each parameter. The easy to read bright large 7 colored touch screen microprocessor control with all set and process temperature (linked to highly accurate PT-100 sensor), CO2%, O2%, and Humidity % and audio - visual alarm for each parameter including low water alarm, temperature deviation (+/-0.5C), CO2%, O2%, humidity & provides stabilized and accurate controls. The alarms can be muted by touch of MUTE key. The controller also signifies when the timer is over. In built auto diagnostics for fault detection with error codes & identification of system status for easy trouble-shooting. The user-friendly comprehensive touch screen provides at a glance viewing of all the parameters, help screens, graphs, active alarms & other diagnostics. The chamber consists of interior light with on/off via touch screen. The microprocessor with non volatile memory logs the data for 72 hours for temperature, CO2 level,O2 level, door opening & other alarms. The data remains saved regardless of time & power failure & can be downloaded in a pen drive by a USB port available on board & then can be documented & printed. Standard ethernet port allows the user to operate the machine from a remote location (connect to a PC). RS-232 port for data communication is also an added advantage.

 Ultra Protection Systems
  • Independent safety over temperature cut out
  • Independent alarm system with back up microprocessor to auto switch over in case main controller fails
  • Password protected menu for safety

 Technical Data Utility Connections:

CO2Gas Connections:
1/4 [6.3 mm] tubing connections with HEPA filter (99.98% efficiency) on CO2 inlet

N2 Gas Connections:
1/4 [6.3 mm] tubing connections with HEPA filter (99.98% efficiency) on CO2 inlet

 Gas Input Pressure(CO2 , N2 )

Two stage gas regulators required

Performance Specifications

1 minute to 100 hours

Temperature Range:
Ambient +5C to 55C

Temperature Control Accuracy:

Temp. Recovery:

CO2 Range:
0.1 to 20.0%

C02 Control accuracy & uniformity:

CO2 Recovery:
1.0%/minute (Fast recovery after door opening)

O2 Range:
0.1 to 18.0% using Zirconia based sensor

Electrical Requirements:
220 V AC, 50 Hz. Single phase with resettable over current breaker. (Model with 110V also available)

Startup Power:

Running power at 37C:

 Chamber Capacity Available
. 80Ltrs.
. 120 Ltrs.
. 180 Ltrs.
. 300 Ltrs.
. 450 Ltrs.

Other chamber capacities can also be manufactured as per the customer requirement.

. UPS with maintenance free battery backup
. CO2 gas cylinder, double stage regulator, rubber hose & clamps
. N2 gas cylinder, double stage regulator, rubber hose & clamps

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