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Centrifuge Counter Balance SMI-3055

Jindal Centrifuge Balance is a specially designed electronic differential scale for a peculiar use in a Blood Bank. It measures two weights simultaneously and displays weight difference instantaneously.

The first step in plasma separation from the whole blood is loading of blood bags in high speed centrifuge machine. Before loading the blood bag, the weights of the two loads (each blood bag + bucket) have to be balanced in such a way that their weights should be the same or very close to each other. This is a vital step of plasma separation process to save expensive centrifuge machine. By conventional methods the process of balancing is time consuming, inaccurate and cumbersome. This equipment makes the whole process of balancing execute shortly and accurately. It is the only way to save expensive centrifuge machine from damage.

Weight Measurement Range 0-2500 grams
Weight Difference Range 2500 grams (max)
Weight Sensors Load Cells
Weight Display Panel 4 digit LED display
Equal weight Indi. Red Bright Led
Audio Indicator Audible Alarm
Accuracy +/- 1 grams
Voltage Requirements 220/110 V AC Supply
Battery Backup Yes
Weight 4 kg. approx.
Packing One unit (Transport worthy pack)

 At a Glance
  • Accurate, simple and easy to use
  • Has two independent weight sensors, which displays individual weight of each bucket with high degree of accuracy
  • Will weigh up to 2500grams
  • Indicates the weight of each pan separately
  • Has a bright LED(Seven Segment) display
  • Operator puts two buckets(with blood bags in each bucket) on both the pans
  • It will display the difference of the two weights
  • The bright LED glows when both the weights on the pans are balanced(Equal)
  • It will have an audio overweight(>2500gms.) alarm
  • In built battery backup for hassle free operation
  • Levelling Screws for levelling the equipment
  • Water Bubble level indicator
  • External calibration screws for quick and efficient calibration
  • Every equipment accompanies a calibration certificate of a standardized lab
  • In built replaceable fuse for extra safety of the equipment
  • Power 220-240V AC Supply

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